What is LPSidekick?

LPSidekick is here to simplify shopping and save you money!!

LPSidekick streamlines shopping to ensure you never miss an opportunity to use a promotion. You will be able to:

  1. Organize promotions by each merchant
  2. Easily toggle between specific promotions vs. all merchant emails
  3. Sort all promo-codes by latest received, expiration date or starred
  4. Go Paperless and add additional promotions, gift cards and loyalty identification information

In one click, you can access promotion and discount codes for you to present at the register or use online. Slide right to star certain promotions and sales so they are easy to find when you are shopping! Never miss the opportunity to use discounts while you shop!!

What is the enrollment process for LPSidekick?

  1. Enter your information (name, email, password) or log-in with Facebook
  2. Review Tips on Getting Started to learn key features and functionality
  3. Accept to receive notifications to make sure get alerts
  4. Accept the terms and conditions
  5. Create a 4-digit pin – this will be used to secure gift cards added to LPSidekick
  6. Select to use your stored thumbprint – which is also used gift cards in lieu of your pin
  7. Add merchants
    1. Select the Add Merchant Button
    2. Press each merchant icon you would like to add
    3. Add loyalty information during or after enrollment
    4. Hit back to see the merchants you added to your Merchant Home Screen

How do I Access and Use Promotions?

There are two ways you can access promotions: 1. Tap on a merchant icon to access the merchant screen or 2. From the promotion screen (the at the bottom of the screen).

  1. From the merchant screen – you can toggle between viewing only promo and discount codes or all merchant related emails. Promo-codes are displayed on each panel and highlight if they are online only.
  2. For additional information or a bar-code, tap on the promotion you want to use to generate a pop-up that will allow you to click through to the related email and merchant website.
  3. From the promotion screen – you will see all promo and discounts from your selected merchants. You can sort by most recent promo-codes received, closest to expiration or Your Starred promotions.
  4. Swipe right on a promotion to add it to your starred list
  5. Swipe left on a promotion to delete it from your profile

Why should I add my loyalty card information?

Leave your loyalty cards at home and lighten your wallets or key rings! You will always have your loyalty information at your fingertips once you enter it into LPSidekick and will never forget it if asked at the register. Scan the bar code from your loyalty card or manually enter the information.

How do I add promotions I receive in the mail?

Your gift card should have a unique Gift Card Number and PIN on the back of the card that you can manually add to LPSidekick. Like most gift cards, LPSidekick will display the full value of the gift card and won’t an updated after it’s been used for less than the full amount.

How do I add gift cards?

There are two ways to add gift cards: 1. From your merchant screen or 2. From the gift card screen (the at the bottom of the screen.)

If your gift card has a bar code, use the camera to scan the bar code and manually add the remaining unpopulated fields, including the pin. Like most gift cards, LPSidekick will display the full value that the gift card help, but does not show the value after it’s been used.

Why is a pin necessary?

LPSidekick treats gift cards like cash. In order to add an additional layer of security to your gift cards, users must enter a pin or use the thumb print scan to access gift card information saved to LPSidekick.

How will I get notices of new merchants?

Allow us to send you notifications when you enroll!! You will get a pop-up notice when you open LPSidekick when new merchants are added. Otherwise, you can go to the settings button to add new merchants.

What is the share button?

Occasionally, we will allow users to share promo-codes in LPSidekick to their friends and family…because sharing is caring.

Can I recommend a merchant to add to LPSidekick?

Absolutely. In the Settings section, there is a “user feedback” section. There will be a drop-down menu to send feedback, including merchants.