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Home Screen

Retailers you selected during enrollment are sorted alphabetically or by frequency of use by you.


You can select retailers and add loyalty program information during or after the enrollment process.

Merchant Screen

Quickly toggle between promo and discount codes versus all sales and events!

Merchant Screen

Tap + Add a Promotion to scan and add direct mailers and store coupons

Merchant Screen

Reopen the promo-code with a tap to scan the barcode at the register

Merchant Screen

Swipe right to Star certain promotions to stay organized while you shop! All of Your Starred Promotions are shown on the Promotion Screen.

Promotion Screen

Sort all selected retailer promo-codes and discounts by most recent, about to expire or ones you’ve Starred

Gift Card Screen

Tap + add a gift card from the Merchant screen or Gift Card screen to enter your gift card number and pin.

Gift Card Screen

Gift card info is accessed with your pin or fingerprint scan for extra security. Tap your gift card icon to reopen the information at checkout online or at the register.

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